The Dordogne département and Périgord region respectively are situated in southern France, about an hour east of von Bordeaux and two and a half hours to the north of Toulouse: Bergerac is just 15 km away. To reach the “Joie du Silence” estate, please take the D 107 (A road) northbound from Bergerac / Pombonne for about 12 km.

You’ll see an illuminated gate at the entrance to the premises. From Bordeaux Airport you’ll reach us in 1 hour 20 via the A 89 (motorway), and from St. Émilion in just 40 minutes.

Our address:
Les Meygnauds
Impasse les Meygnauds
F-24140 Montagnac La Crempse

We look forward to welcoming you to Joie du Silence.

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